Neatly nestled in our custom built, sound proofed cell we can power test and tune your vehicle in style, with a live feed direct to our customer waiting room, meaning you can watch the tuning session in comfort!

Our Dyno

A Custom built Dynocom 5000 4wd chassis dyno. It is fitted with a custom belt link system, allowing us to test/tune vehicles which need to see 4 matched wheel speeds to perform a power test.

With the top quality Frenelsa retarders, our Dyno can comfortably cope testing over 2000 bhp and 10,000 lb ft at speeds of 175+ MPH.

What is a dyno/rolling road?

A dyno (dynamometer) or Rolling Road is a test bed where your vehicle can be ‘driven’ under maximum load conditions to test a vehicles power output.

The power of a vehicles engine is measured by driving the vehicle under full load whilst the test vehicle is strapped to the dyno chassis. During the test a load is applied by the dyno, creating the resistance which the vehicle works against while it accelerates through the entire rev range in the test gear. During the test the ‘wheel power’ is measured, followed by a ‘coast down’ where the drivetrain’s mechanical losses are measured and the ‘flywheel’ power figure is calculated.

When would I need to use a dyno?

A dyno or rolling road is a great tool for a variety of jobs including power testing, steady state tuning, simulation and diagnostic work. The ability to vary/add additional load through the eddy brake system allows the operator to replicate load conditions found when driving on the road. If you would like your vehicle tuned, power tested or a diagnosis where the fault only occurs under specific load conditions then you need to get yourself booked in on the dyno