About us

Born from a genuine passion for performance, developed over many years of building high performance road and race cars, we have become the ultimate ‘one stop shop’ in the southwest.

EST 2016


We are proud to be able to offer superior hand built engines, transmissions, custom fabrication and tuning solutions to all of our customers – all under one roof! Working closely with our selected suppliers, we aim to bring you the highest quality outcomes available.

If you’re looking for a passionate company that can take care of your every mechanical need then you’ve found it – Retro Resus!



We only supply the best quality parts we believe our customers deserve. We also offer all of our parts at a competitive rate to help you modify your pride and joy to exactly how you want it.


May 2016

With trembling knees we opened the doors for the first time at unit 108 – the beginning of our Retro Journey!

July 2016

We became the APR dealer for the southwest, offering the full range of hardware and software – We are proud to say that we are still a registered dealer to this day!

September 2016

We made our first bold move and took on our first member of staff!

January 2017

We completed our first race car build – A MK5 Gti for the Production GTI championship!

Jan 2018

Our first moment under the bright lights of the Autosport show, showcasing another fresh racecar build for the PGTI championship

Feb 2018

We were proud to be offered the chance to become the southwest dealer for Ecotune software – Another relationship which we are still proud to be a part of to this day.

March 2020

Covid 19 took the world by storm and life got tough ….. but we worked through it with the support of our loyal staff and customers!

July 2021

After working hard and outgrowing our original unit we took a leap of faith and got the keys to the new pad – it brought lots of hard work and new adventures, but we believe the heartache was worth it in the end!

November 2021

We embark on our very first Rolling road installation, building it to the highest standards we could, hoping to create one of the best facilities in the area …… little did we know how much heartache this would create and how much money this one off build would cost! The road would be long….

July 2023

We finally get the well deserved planning approval for the finer details of the rolling road installation – long overdue, but just the news we needed ….. now the hard work begins again to complete the project!

August 2023

After years of perfecting other peoples cars we decided it was time to purchase our own MK7 Golf Clubsport demonstrator to start work on development ….. watch this space!